Increase Sales & Subscribers... PASSIVELY!

The Easiest Way to Make Sales, Build Your Email Lists, Look Like a PRO, and Save Money in the Process... Even Works With Other People's Videos...

IntelliPlayer Features:

  • Add Clickable Call to Action to Any Youtube, Vimeo or Amazon S3 Video...
  • Get New Email Subscribers From Adding Videos to Your Websites...
  • Embed Code Works on All Page Builders, WordPress, HTML, etc.
  • Super Fast Deployment for Quick Start

Why Is IntelliPlayer So Vital To Your Business?

The answer is Simple! Youtube is the best place to host your videos, but its embed code (what goes on your website) is not designed for marketers. IntelliPlayer gives you the power to finally customize the player experience with features that will transform ANY video into a Marketing Machine!

Using IntelliPlayer Gives You the Huge Benefits Of Youtube's Search Traffic and Rankings!

Forget those expensive hosting fees! Youtube is the #1 video host, the #2 search engine, and THE destination for people seeking video-based information. If your videos aren't there, you're missing out on TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY!

IntelliPlayer at a Glance

Packed with plenty of sales-generating features, IntelliPlayer
will quickly become your new best friend in video marketing!

  • Add Buy Buttons

  • Player Editor

  • Package and Sell

  • Calls to Action

  • SMS Messaging

  • No Hosting Fees

  • Easy List Builder

  • Tap to Call

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Redirect Viewers

  • Tap to Skype

  • No Code Skills

  • Video Analytics

  • Tap to Email

  • Loop Videos

IntelliPlayer Will TRANSFORM the Way You Use Videos...

And remember, this works for Other People's Videos too. The videos don't have to be yours to work with IntelliPlayer. Curate videos in your niche, add them to your IntelliPlayer account, and embed with your Calls to Action, Opt-ins and other marketing techniques.

Embed ANYWHERE You Normally Would

Your new "marketer-friendly" videos can be embedded on ANY page you control!

We built IntelliPlayer to complement what you're currently doing. Whether you use WordPress or a page building-solution, you can embed your improved videos without any issue at all.

IntelliPlayer is perfect for Sales Videos, Explainer Videos, Product Demos, Affiliate Videos, Small and Large Businesses...just grab your IntelliPlayer embed code and drop it where you normally would!

Works Perfectly With Youtube, Vimeo and Amazon S3

IntelliPlayer is designed for you to maximize your presence in Youtube and Vimeo...

Think of IntelliPlayer as your new ON-SITE video player that gives you control and flexibility to generate sales, opt-ins and important metrics. You still need to host your video somewhere--Youtube, Vimeo, S3--but we take care of the rest!

API Integrations with Top Marketing Systems

IntelliPlayer speaks the technical language so you don't have to!

We love API integrations, and we've made sure to connect the most popular email marketing systems to your account. Just add your API key and IntelliPlayer will communicate with your 3rd party accounts for list building and SMS messaging. OH -- and we're happy to add more integrations as customers request them!

Your Video Viewers Will TAKE ACTION Thanks to the IntelliPlayer Video System

(You'll want to click the images below -- that's natural. But remember that what you see below are screenshots of real IntelliPlayer video features.)

Clickable Calls to Action

By placing a text-based Call to Action in your video you will always increase the likelihood of your viewer ending up exactly where you want them -- taking the action you desire!

Create Custom Buttons

Humans love clicking buttons, so why not create one to enhance your call to action. As with all our CTAs, you specify the URL that you want to send people to, and we'll get them there!

List Building Made Easy

Want to build a list the easy way? Add an opt-in to your videos! Which will get more subscribers: the video WITH an optin, or the ones without? We integrate with popular service providers too!

Gather Phone Numbers for SMS

Another mobile-friendly feature. Ask for a phone number and with a connected Twilio account, you can instantly send a pre-determined text message. Great way to build a SMS marketing business!

Mobile Responsive

OH YEAH! IntelliPlayer videos play perfectly on ANY device! Of course they do, just like Youtube, Vimeo and S3 mp4s currently do. So rest assured the player experience will scale to all devices.

Multiple Sizes & Public Page

You can select the size of the video you're going to embed, and we also provide you with a hosted Public Page for those times when you just want to show a video to the world -- perfect for social!

Customize Thumbnail Covers

Add text, an image, or both to the beginning of your videos (or someone else's video). It's a way to establish a brand or let your viewer know what they're about to watch.

Embed Buy Buttons

Want to make a sale directly from a video? (Can anyone say "webinar replay"?) Simply embed the buy button code from your merchant (JVZoo, Paypal, Warrior+, Zaxaa, etc.).

Tap to Call

Want to get the phone ringing? With so much video being consumed on mobile, you can insert a "Tap to Call" icon and the phone number you want your prospect to call. RING RING!

Tap to Email

You can insert a "Tap to Email" icon that will trigger the system's email client to open with your specified email address and subject line. Great for those "contact us" moments!

Tap to Skype

Ever wanted to engage a prospect on a personal level without calling first? Use the "Tap to Skype" feature and when clicked, their Skype opens and connects to yours...friend request on the way!

WordPress Smart Deployment

Do you have already have Youtube videos on a WordPress site? Use our SmartEmbed plugin to convert those videos to new, improved IntelliPlayer videos. A huge time-saver!

What Do Industry Experts Think About IntelliPlayer?

This is a must-have video player with so many useful features such as adding conversion-boosting elements to your video. If you want to ensure more conversions with your (or someone else's) videos -- IntelliPlayer is the player for you!

Leah-Butler Smith

IntelliPlayer is not only extremely fast and simple to use, but the calls to action, tap to speak and the ability to have buy buttons on my videos will be a great asset to my marketing arsenal.

Seth Bias
Beast Marketing LLC

Get Your Hands on IntelliPlayer RISK FREE!

You Can Try Out IntelliPlayer Completely Risk-Free!

I want to guarantee you take advantage of this offer today, and feel great about it. You’re protected by our 60-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason at all you’re not completely satisfied, get in touch with our team and we will give you a complete refund. It’s that simple.

And lest we forget...NO MONTHLY FEES - EVER!

We built IntelliPlayer so that we wouldn't have to pay expensive monthly hosting why would we make you pay more than once? Choose the package that fits YOUR needs and budget and never worry about overpriced subscriptions...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IntelliPlayer a Video Creation Tool?

No, it's not. It takes existing videos and add special layers of marketing features on top of it. You cannot download an IntelliPlayer video. Your video needs to be hosted in either Youtube, Vimeo or Amazon S3. You cannot add an IntelliPlayer video to Youtube. Note that there is no video creation software that does what IntelliPlayer does. You can't add these marketing elements into an mp4 file.

What If I Have a Site With a Bunch of Youtube Videos Already On It?

Easy-peasy! Use our WordPress "SmartEmbed" deployment plugin. Simply install the plugin, connect the API, and then convert your existing videos to IntelliPlayer-styled videos (full tutorials inside the app).

Are There Hidden Costs or Monthly Fees You've Forgotten to Mention?

Not all at. Your access to IntelliPlayer is a one-time fee. We reserve the right to switch to a subscription model in the future, but if you're reading this, you will never be charged again for use of our application.

Does IntelliPlayer host my video?

We aren't a video hosting company. Your video is already being hosted at Youtube, Vimeo or Amazon S3. Simply bring that link into IntelliPlayer to generate those powerful Calls to Action and opt-ins. In the end you will have two versions of your video: the original one--wherever you are hosting it--and your new, improved IntelliPlayer version which you put on your pages.

Can these videos play inside the Facebook Newsfeed?

Only direct Youtube or Vimeo links can play inside of Facebook...or if you upload a video file directly to them. IntelliPlayer videos don't play in the Newsfeed. We provide a public page link you can share in social networks.

Does IntelliPlayer Have Plans to Add New Features?

Absolutely! We already have new features cooking in the development lab and will roll them out when they're complete -- all with the goal of improving your bottom line, increasing your sales, and boosting your business!

Will IntelliPlayer Work With Youtube & Vimeo Videos That Aren't Mine?

Yes! If the video can be shared, you can use it. Simply grab the link and add it to IntelliPlayer. Then apply your desired Template, or create something completely new and embed it. Boom!